Saturday, June 18, 2011

And you are calling me because... ?

A woman of a fourth grader called yesterday to tell me that her daughter was not promoted to fifth grade.  She went on and on about how the teacher is mean, etc.  She said she went to the school office and demanded an appointment with the principal but was not given one. (Probably because they have already met).

I wondered-- why is she calling me?  Does she expect me to call the principal and/or the teacher and say that her daughter should really be in the 5th grade?  It's not a service we provide.

My mom and sisters are teachers and I know that if a student is not going to be promoted to the next grade there are plenty of meetings and papers to sign months before the last day of school; it isn't something that is new information in June.


Anonymous said...

I work at a public reference desk and your blog is my favorite of all of the blogs I follow. This post reminds me of my everyday life. I read your blog at work all of the time, too, and I can relate to everything you write about.


Emma said...

Did you ever find out what she thought you could do about her problem?