Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another service we don't provide

Man about 30:  Do you have a skeleton?
Me:  You mean a book about a skeleton?
Man: No, the actual structure like they have in a doctor's office.
Me:  No, sorry.

Does anyone know if a medical liberry would have one?


chiefbroad said...

We have a skeleton that students can "check out" from Reserves. I work for a community college library, with a big nursing program.

Annie said...

They might well do, I work in a university library (general library not the specialised medical faculty one) and we've got a skeleton!

Kathryn said...

My medical library has a virtual skeleton which you can rotate and examine up close. You can even add layers of muscle and nerves! Unfortunately, most medical libraries aren't open to the public, but it is worth a shot to call around.

HL said...

We have a skeleton in my library (academic/medical). It's in an inaccessible case though, the students can't just help themselves to the bones ;)