Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crystal's nightmare SRC program @ Branch X

Crystal, the kids liberrian, shared this nightmare of a story about her Summer Reading Club craft this week:

I did tie dye with my tweens and one of the moms got mad at me because it is permanent (duh).  I warned the kids several times not to get the dye on their clothes, but these two boys did not pay attention.  The mom comes storming into the room and starts screaming at me for not telling her (she wasn’t in the room when we were doing the craft).  Then she takes the kid’s tshirt and throws it at me onto the table and into a puddle of dye.  It then splashes all over me!  I was covered in dye and my clothes are ruined.  Not a fun day.  This kind of stuff is totally not in the job description!!!!

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