Friday, July 01, 2011


Man:  Hi, do you have we-fi here?
Me:  Yes, we have wireless here.
Man:  Do I have to be in that computer room to use it?
Me: Nope, you can connect from anywhere in the building.

It's amazing how many people think that they have to be in the laptop room to use the wireless.  There's only about 4 chairs in there... 

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Anonymous said...

They may be familiar with situations like my school. Our school is divided into pods of 4 classrooms. Each Pod has 2 wireless access points. If you are not in the pod you can not access the wireless.

Drives me nuts with my phone. Connects as I walk into the admin area. Disconnects when I get to the breezewa, connects when I go into a pod, disconnects when I leave. I just turn off wireless at work, and have a timer set for when I leave to remind me to turn it back on.