Thursday, August 04, 2011

Name that title

Mom in the juv area:  Hi, I'm looking for a book-- I know I checked it out here before.   It's about a bear and a fairy land with a king and queen.  There's a treasure and a dungeon. 

Me:  Do you remember the author?

Mom:  No, but I know it was a wordless book.

Wordless was the key that helped me find the book.  It was Midsummer Knight by Gregory Rogers.


Banned Library said...

I like when books are about this big and red. You know, like a fish. People looking for books are fun :)

Anonymous said...

I asked a children's librarian about a chapter book that I was trying to find. I didn't know the title or author and all I could tell her was that it was set in Poland at Easter. With a few other plot points and a description of the unique artwork, she was able to locate it for me. This was before computers were used to google info. The book was Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast. Still a good book!