Thursday, September 01, 2011


Woman:  Hi, I'm looking for a book written by an Irishman.  His first name starts with an E and his last name has 2 syllables.  It might be E-i-o-n or E-o-i-n or something.  He usually writes children's books, but this one is a new adult fiction book. 

Me:  Is it Plugged by Eoin Colfer?

Woman:  Yes!  Exactly!  That was good.

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BPL Ref said...

Yesterday I had someone asking for a German man whose last name started with R--Roush or something. He wrote poetry that people didn't like, but now he's done some children's books.

I admit I was stumped until she mentioned he'd been on Charlie Rose.

It turned out that she meant Salman Rushdie and Satanic Verses. He has written a new children's book.