Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Planet

Woman-- so you don't have that book?
Me--  Correct.  I have checked the county, as well as the 2 other lending sources.
Woman--  So there's no other world it could be in?


plutofigaro said...


Phone- Hi, can you tell me where in Afghanistan is Tibet?

Me- Looks at phone. Puts lady on hold. And try to figure out WHY????
It came down to me explaining the different color robes. You know white in Afghanistan and yellow in Tibet.

Jenny said...

I don't even understand what the caller was confused about! Why was a simple answer of geography not enough? Robes? But... there are so many things wrong with this... my head hurts.

Lisa said...

"Let me see if I can get it via InterPlanetary Loan (IPL)."

Amy said...

Lisa- awesome comment! Maybe I should apply to work in the IPL dept. LOL