Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Customer

This guy figured out how to request books from the catalog with his card and PIN.  He ordered a couple of books, then asked me how will he know when they are ready?   I told him that he will either get a notice in his email or mail.  It could take about a week.

He said, no, I think the books are here.

I looked @ his account and yes, they were available at this branch.  He said, so will they call my name over the speaker when they are ready?

I wrote down the call #s and was ready to show him how to find them, and he stopped me and asked-- is this just like in school with the Dewey Decimal system?  Yes.  Then I know how to find them!  Thanks!!

Mr. Purple Book

Mr. PB:  Do you have a book, written by a woman, hardcover, and the title in big letters?

Me:  Do you remember the author or title?

Mr. PB:  Can't you just sort through all the books written by women?

Me:  No, I'm afraid my computer doesn't allow me to search by the author's first name.  What else can you tell me about the book?  

Mr. PB:  It had something to do with Mind Set.  Written by a woman.

A little keyword searching allowed me to find the book, and yes, he was right, it was written by a woman:  

Mindset : the new psychology of success / Carol S. Dweck.

But it was checked out.  So we went through the conversation about can I order it, how long will it take to get here, etc.

Gray's Anatomy

A woman wanted a book that would have illustrations of the leg muscles.  I showed her Gray's Anatomy.  She looked at it, thought for a minute, and asked me if this is related to the TV show Grey's Anatomy.  I said yes, and she replied that's kinda cool.  Like, is this their bible?  Wow, that's neat!

This morning around 10AM

Woman:  Hi, you've been working here forever!  Do you have anything about landlords and tenants?

Me:  Sure, how about this? (a landlord/tenant publication)

Woman: No, this is for tenants, do you have anything on landlords?

I begin to show her the NOLO section, but then she reads the publication I gave her and whispers Oh, sorry honey, I didn't hear you, I've been drinking.

For the lawyers out there...

Today the annoying guy about 30 asked if I have the Penal Code book.  I said yes, it is in reference.  He replied-- NO NO NO, do you have it on audiobook or DVD?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Reference

Do you have My Secret Garden
Can I request the book Roots
I said hello to the next customer. No response, other than, where are the maps?
Biographies = where?
Shelf check- local history
Music by Proper Dos
Map man is looking for terminals just for library
Mr. Purple Book's first question of the day-- where's the green book
Middle school art project in full force: Do you have anything on Piet Mondrian
Tax forms
Called the help desk to unlock generic login
Online ref- where to find an obit
Art project: Seurat / post-impressionism
Art Project: Correggio
Dear John
Blind Side
Letters to Juliet
One art project student wouldn't talk so his dad talked for him.
Consumer reports
How do I use wifi?
No rollerblades allowed in the liberry
Print something from yahoo acct
Is there an easier way to order movies? Like, how can I be the first to put my name on the list?
Mr. Purple Book is looking for the lost and found department for his brand new watch (from his parents), and combs: one red, one blue
How can I connect to the wifi here?
Can I order games here
Comedy section—David Sedaris
Girl who Kicked Hornets Nest
Tax forms
Zoo Story—what number am I on the list
Greatest Story Ever Told
New moon- illustrated movie companion
Mr. Purple Book asks about a workshop coming up about handling finances. He said-- who can come? I said anyone, and he replied ok, that’s what I wanted to know.
Learning to speak English material—The woman is holding the CDs and the book and asks-- is this a CD or is it a CD with a book?
NewMoon—can I like put it back?
Caller: I just listened to the Star Spangled Banner, what is a rampart?
College textbooks
Middle school art student: Sandro Botecilla? Do you mean Sandro Botticelli? He runs out to the car and returns-- are you sure it isn't Botecilla? This is what I copied from my teacher. Me-- we have art encyclopedias if you want to verify the spelling...
Woman picks up a new book by Ted Bell and says --this book looks like a “wow” book
Where is nearest payphone?
Where are the YA books?
Mr. Purple Book: Is that the right time? Then he hands over a paperback Evanovich-- 2 for the Dough. Is this a new book? It looks in good condition.
Address for Oprah Winfrey
Books for book club
4:20—do you have books on reflexology or is it too late to ask, I know you close at 5
Mr. Purple Book looking for aircraft mechanics and reminds me that we’re running out of time—25 minutes till the library closes, 5:00
Do you have like, paperbacks? I knew I had seen them somewhere
Can I be able to check out dictionaries?

Friday, January 21, 2011


I think a lot of people have trouble with eBooks because they don't want to READ the directions.   The other day I was helping a not so pleasant customer get started with her Nook.  B&N supposedly couldn't help so they sent her to the liberry.  Thanks B&N.  Before she even started her question, she said I'm going to stand next to the Kleenex because I'm ready to cry.

Life goes on.  I showed her the page where it shows the software that needs to be downloaded.  I asked her if she has a pc or a mac.  She snobbily said, I run Linux.  (I'm thinking, well, aren't you special).

She said she'll try downloading the software but she will be right back here the instant it doesn't work.  Can't wait to see her again!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a (full moon) night!

It was a wild and crazy night at the liberry.  Here it is--

  • Some middle school boys were running around and throwing a basketball.  I asked them to stop, but of course they didn't.  So the security guard asked them to leave.  As they were leaving, one of them looked at me and said I see what you did!  I should have said-- no, I can see what YOU did!

  • A man comes to the desk--  do you know your camels?  I'm sorry?  One hump or two humps, where's your dictionary at?  He goes to the dictionary and a few minutes later returns to the desk.  It's not in the dictionary.  Which word are you looking up?  Maybe I can find it in another dictionary.  He said I know there are dromedaries (one hump), but what's the other one?  For that I looked in Grzimek's for the answer, which was bactrian.  Now I know my camels!

  • A girl taking a health class was assigned to do a "project" on dementia.  She told me this is the very first "project" of her life.  She came to this country 5 years ago, and was always in ESL classes, and she said they never did "projects." Now she's in school to be a nurse's assistant.   Supposedly today was the day her teacher assigned the "project" on dementia, due tomorrow.   She came at 6 PM, the exact time I came to the desk to take Marian's place.  (Marian was so lucky to dodge this one because the girl couldn't stop talking about the word "project").   After we completed the conversation that everything isn't on the Internet, I took the girl to the section of books about Alzheimer's.   Five minutes later she returned to the desk, totally excited.  I found it!  This is it!  It was a book entitled Alzheimer's Project.   

  • AND FINALLY... a man who sits in the comfy chairs in the back corner of the liberry walks by as he's leaving and asks me if I've ever seen The Office.  I say, no.  He replies-- You and your friends should write a show called The Liberry.  Being here is really interesting and entertaining in a weird kind of way.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I worked a little in the kids section today, and had the following conversation with a nine year old girl:

Girl:  Ever seen Matilda?
Me:  No, but I've read the book.
Girl:  Oh, well you know how it is all ew and gross?  Well, whenever I see that movie it reminds me of going to the liberry.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cowboy Boots

Today "Peter" came to the liberry.  He was wearing a button down shirt, a vest, a pair of khakis, & tennis shoes.

Peter:  Do you work here?
Amy:  Yes.
Peter:  Know how I know?
Amy:  My badge?
Peter:  Hi, I'm Peter.  (He had the limpest handshake ever).  Those are really nice shoes.
Amy:  Thanks.
Peter:  Do you have any cowboy boots at home?
Amy:  No, I don't.
Peter:  Well you should really go to (name a boot store) and get some for Halloween, or maybe you can get some for Christmas.
Amy:  OK, thanks.
Peter:  Bye.

He had the same conversation with at least 2 other staff members.

Monday, January 10, 2011

2 teen guys asked--

Do you have anything that Tori Spelling reads, like on a CD or something where she reads it to you  (pause)... that would make my life complete!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


A young mother with her 2 year old daughter asked me if she could donate books to the liberry.  I said sure, that would be great!  We just don't accept textbooks or encyclopedias.  She said so nothing pornographic too?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Transformations and the liberry

Hi, I hope this doesn't sound too nerdy. Do you have any videos I can watch so that when I go out clubbing I'll know what to do? See, I lost 60 pounds and I've never been clubbing before, but this is a total transformation for me. I'm going to a haircut place just for men. I'm going to ask my grandma's nurse to go clubbing with me. She's a friend right now, but I've already bought her concert tickets... see, for Christmas she sent my family a card. This is a total transformation for me.

It took me a while to actually find a DVD about how to dance in a nightclub. I had to put him on hold because he wouldn't stop blabbing about his transformation.