Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time Machine story from academic liberrian Michael

Just as I am readying myself to leave work a lady approaches the (not reference) desk and asks me if she can ask a question. I tell her sure, so she proceeds to ask me whether this institution is a high level science school. Before I could provide an answer, she continues to explain that the reason she is asking is because she needs to know if we have any time machines on campus. She explained that a time machine was rather large and I probably would have seen it if we had one somewhere. So she asks me if we have one, to which I replied, "I have never seen one; I didn't even know that they existed." She explains to me how a time machine works, that it would transport your body or your spirit to another world or another time. She also said that her old boyfriend invented a time machine and was going to make sure that each public institution had one so she wanted to check and see if we did. I told her again that I was pretty sure that we didn't have one so she explained to me what it would look like, kind of like a tanning bed. I told her that was very interesting. She wanted to know where I thought she might find one since we didn't have one. I told her it was too bad the reference librarian had left his desk for a moment, because he would probably be the best person to help her research the subject. So, I referred her to the next best thing, Google. Then she went on her merry way.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of our volunteers gave us some colorful roses for the ref desk.  Someone said- wow, you must have a fabulous garden!  Those are beautiful colors.  And she replied, I got these at the grocery store!

Thanks a million!  The roses = awesome!

Microwave- another service we don't provide

Woman comes to the desk with a cup of coffee in her hand:  you have a microwave back there, don't you.
Me:  Yes.  However, it is not for public use.
Woman:  Oh, I see.

Multiple "records"

I was looking for a book to request for this woman.  I said out loud, ok, I can order it from this record because it has less of a waiting list than the other record.  She said, no, I don't want a record, I want a book!

I should have just said- ok, can I have your card please?  I can request it for you...

Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I flipped through One Bullet Away and found several holes in the pages from cigarette burns.  It kind of looked like it was meant to be.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Woman:  Hi, I'm looking for a book written by an Irishman.  His first name starts with an E and his last name has 2 syllables.  It might be E-i-o-n or E-o-i-n or something.  He usually writes children's books, but this one is a new adult fiction book. 

Me:  Is it Plugged by Eoin Colfer?

Woman:  Yes!  Exactly!  That was good.