Sunday, January 15, 2012

A half an hour of my day

Teen girl:  Hi, I'm looking for a book written by the same author as the Anonymous who wrote Go Ask Alice.

A woman doesn't want to fill out the online application for a library card.  I find her a paper application.

As I'm scrolling through the books on a certain subject the customer asks me to hand her the mouse so that she can be in control.

Homeless Man:  You liberrians know it all, so answer me this:  Why is a bra yet a pair of panties?

A dad and his kid were sitting at the catalog  & overheard these exchanges.  As they were leaving, the dad told me-- you have incredible patience!

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iamironman said...

This is whose books you should have referred your young patrons to, though I suppose it's her own fault as a fraudster that her name isn't better known.