Thursday, February 16, 2012

Branch Z

I've been working at Branch Z since last July.  Since it is about 40 miles from Marian's Branch X, I don't see any of the same customers.  At least that's how it was... until this week.

This girl in her 20s recognized me and said-- you work here too?!?  I said- what are you doing here, did you move here?  I didn't think I'd see anyone from Branch X.  She said that her mother works near Branch Z, and then asked me if I ever get to take a break. 

I absolutely take breaks.

Then she pulls some (sealed) chips out of her backpack and gives them to me for my next break.  That was sweet of her, except I told her I already had my breaks for today and I'm getting ready to go home soon.  She said that's OK, she'll give them to me next time she sees me.

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iamironman said...

The patrons, they get around