Friday, May 18, 2012

Not a service we provide

Woman comes to the desk holding a vase.

Woman:  I'd like to have someone tell me what this vase is worth.

Me:  I can show you books (antiques & collectibles).

Woman:  No, isn't there someone on staff who can appraise it.

Me:  No, we don't have anyone on staff who can do that.  (It's not a service we provide).

Woman:  Oh, well the public liberry down the road (not part of our system) has someone on staff who does appraisals.

REALLY?  (didn't say it, but) Then you know just where to go!


Note to blog readers--  has anyone ever heard of having an appraiser on staff in a public liberry?


HL said... We're happy to point you to the books on antiques and approx values but that's all.

Jenny said...

Nope. I imagine it's a possible that a special event has been held...

Anne said...

We just had a lady come in asking the same thing last week. A couple of months ago, we had a local auctioneer come in to do an appraisal event so I guess it kind of makes sense...

Tessica said...

Not at the library where I work but, I guess she found someone at the other library that does it on as a second job.

Brent said...

I've never heard of such a thing at any library here in Indiana.