Monday, June 18, 2012

Things that were in the Lost & Found last week:

sunglasses (about 10 pairs)
keys (lots, and lots never claimed)
cell phone
various pieces of clothing (that I don't want to touch)
sleeping bag
purses (2)


Melinda said...

Whoa. We've had clothing, toys, too many flash drives to count, notebooks...but nothing as varied as your list.

Amy said...

oh yeah! forgot about all the flash drives, notebooks, and those filthy stuffed animals:)

Bethany Nash said...

Wow, a stethoscope, really? Who brings their stethoscope to the library??

Lisa said...

Stethoscope's the clear winner.

lillinda said...

I found an uncashed paycheck in a book from 2006. I would have cashed it. It was more than I make in a week. Now I wonder why it wasn't cashed and was relegated to bookmark status.

Hebert Library said...

Apparently there's a rise in medical professional usage of libraries this summer, because I discovered a stethoscope in our lost and found just last week as well...