Saturday, July 28, 2012

Literally a crazy day!

I had someone shadow me today, and boy did she get a taste of what it means to be a liberrian at Branch Y.

Man about 50, I'll call him Bob, yelling at top volume into his phone: I AM CALM, I AM CALM. YOU'RE THE ONE YELLING... Over and over. I walked over to him and said you need to take your call outside (real effective). To which he responds in his phone SEE YOU ARE GETTING ME KICKED OUT OF THE LIBERRY. YOU'RE THE ONE WHO ISN'T CALM... Of course he doesn't move, but the call ended before I could get Tech Jack involved.

About an hour later Bob comes to the desk (with no apology) and asks me to proofread his document that has numerous spelling mistakes (no, I didn't go over and look at it).  I said I can tell you where you can find a dictionary for all the spelling mistakes, but proofing is not part of my job. (Besides, what guarantee is it that makes him think I know how to spell all the words correctly off the top of my head?  Clearly it is NOT A SERVICE WE PROVIDE).  Enough about Bob.

Another creepy guy about my age came to the desk and asked me who gave me the flowers. I said I don't know but wasn't that nice of someone to give them to the staff. He said they "shoulda-given-them-to-you" all in one breath. I replied "no thanks" and he walked off.

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