Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Woman @ the RFID checkout tells me that the screen says that she can't check out.  I look at her account and tell her that she has $64 in fines.  I tell her that the fines are for overdue materials.

Woman: What do you mean?
Me:  It is x amount per day, and these books are more than a month late.
Woman:  I didn't know there was a due date... that's why I checked out so many of these kids books.
Me: The due dates are on the receipt.
Woman: I threw away the receipt.  I just thought we could take as many as we want and return them when we can.  I never heard of a "due date."  OMG, my husband is going to kill me!


Ziggyeor said...

What? Has she never been to the library before? At my current library there's not a limit to what we can check out but there are due dates for books 2 weeks, movies and hot reads, 1 week. The last county I lived in had a cap of 10 items and how many things you can check out in each section. How much are your fines? Books are .10 a day and movies are $1.00.

Stephanie said...

A woman told me other day she thought "fines disappeared" as long as she turned them in eventually. She was very mistaken!