Thursday, August 09, 2012

Faster, Higher, Refgrunter

--Books by Pastor John MacArthur

--Needs PIN so she can download ebooks

--books by Black authors

--“Do you have a book on origami?  You know, making folds and making animals?”

--Books by Mary Hunt Jackson.  We eventually figure out she’s looking for Helen Hunt Jackson, author of Ramona.

--“Um, this book is missing a few pages.” In fact it is missing pages 1-64.  I’ll get you another copy. (Adventures of Tom Sawyer)

--“Can you help me?  I can’t find the N’s.”

--ebook help

--Hi Marian, I remember you from two years ago.  I missed you. God bless you.  Can you help me find some books on Leonardo da Vinci and Jimi Hendrix? I remember you.  God bless you. Thank you. God bless you.

--“Do you have math books?  I need to get my brain…worked up.”

--Laundry Guy, with hiccups: “Do you know how a dishwasher works?  Is it that first the wash gets the food off, then the rinse gets the soap off, then the sanitizer gets the germs off?”  Me: “Basically, yes.” (This is just one of several similar conversations)

--Guy with one dark glasses lens and one clear: “I’m so sorry to bother you. Can you help me find something to make with pop tops?  I have about ten pounds of them.”

--Can you look up 641.5972 ORT?

--Phone: Where does the sound come from that the monolith makes in 2001: a Space Odyssey? (“My name’s Joe but I go by Uncle Joe”)

--The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

--Guy who always wants lists of SF authors’ works printed out from wants some more lists.  He must have hundreds by now.

--Older lady: “Who is the author of 50 Shades of Grey?”
Me: “E.L. James, but there’s a long waiting list…” 
OL (to a young guy, maybe her grandson?): “Sweetie, there’s a waiting list.” 
Me: (internally): “OMG ew.”

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iamironman said...

LOL. My favorite was the PW story that labeled 50 Shades "Hot Seller for Mother's Day."