Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interesting person of the week

A guy was here the other day and very upset that we didn't have any books in stock on how to make holograms [I was impressed we even owned any at all] --"I'm an inventor!  It's the government, they're censoring me, etc etc."

Today he came back wanting books on kelp (he's going to make a fuel out of it), and told me this:

"I saw the Beatles and they told me I'd be the one to invent this!"
Me: The Beatles told you?
Him: "Yes, I'm telepathic."

He also said he speaks to Bill Gates by telepathy, but he doesn't like to admit it because he's a "sinner" for having stolen the GUI from Steve Jobs. Fair point.


iamironman said...

We had a patron who had a plan for putting water on Mars. He was always drafting letters to NASA. He, poignantly really, claimed to be Albert Einstein in his past life and that his current existence was Karma owing to what happened with the atomic bomb.

Marian The said...

Oh wow, that really is kind of tragic. Poor guy.