Saturday, August 18, 2012


This man yelled at me (and then the LIII Annabelle) about why he should be able to check out a book that his wife reserved for herself with her card (that she didn't give to him).   He repeatedly yelled to us- this is stupid, it's my wife, we are married!!  Annabelle wrote up a security incident report to keep on record.

Anyway, the next person in line was from the League of Women Voters, and she wanted to drop off a flyer to advertise a lecture on civil discourse, or, how we can be more POLITE TO EACH OTHER.

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Daft Samatron said...

Well done! The 2nd person is my favorite now haha. I so hope the husband was aware of that. And if not, I'm glad you got the satisfaction of witnessing life's comedic timing.