Sunday, August 26, 2012


Can you help me with my personal computer?  All I know is that it is a Gateway.

A girl about 12 years old wanted to get a card & had already filled out the application.  I asked her dad for his ID so that I could enter him as the responsible party.  He said -- what?  Did someone call me RESPONSIBLE?

A guy who was born in 1981 wanted me to find an airplane book that would have been popular in the late 70s / early 80s.  I don't recall how I found it, but it was on etsy.  It had the price on the cover of the book, and it was 39 cents.

Caller-- I need to know where I can recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs because they have mercury in them.

Caller -- Are you experiencing a power outage now?

An old man had an academic book in which he couldn't understand one of the footnotes.  Annabelle and I couldn't figure it out either.  Maybe a typo?  He just loved that he could say he STUMPED THE LIBRARIAN.

The new trend among the computer users is (plenty of fish).  Of this group no one knows how to upload their photo or edit their profile.

Woman -- can you check the lost and found?
Me -- Sure... What are you looking for?
W -- A book.  I think I left it at my doctor's office.

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