Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The award to the volunteer who is most creative in shelving...

This AM I worked in the JE section for an hour and a half and pulled 2 carts full of mis-shelved books.  I couldn't figure out why so many were interfiled with the JE's.  Then my colleague Noemi recounted yesterday's events.

Yesterday Noemi was working in the JE section like usual.  Volunteers were helping out with shelving, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Until.  Noemi noticed that the high school volunteer, Adam, was shelving the J NF's in the JE's.  He was on his second cart by the time Noemi noticed. 

Adam had a method to his madness.  For example, if I had a book labeled J 641.55 MEY, he'd put the book with the picture books labeled MEY for the author. Also, just to make things interesting, he shelved the board books along with the JE's.

Thanks Adam! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm absolutely sure of the author

Woman:  Do you have the book that Jamie Fox wrote about her husband's heart condition?
Me:  Let me look.
I look and look and look, & ask -- are you sure of her name? 
Woman:  Absolutely.  She's an anchor on TV.
It ended up being Jamie Colby, Fox News, & the book = Back to Life After a Heart Crisis.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The most valuable card in your wallet

As I was waiting for this older woman fish through her wallet for her liberry card, she told me that she used her liberry card to pay her credit card bill online.  Of course the card number wasn't accepted, but she thought it was absolutely hilarious...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

SOME information

Lady: (looking at big "Information" sign above the desk) Information, huh?  I need some information--how can I get two thousand and fifty dollars in three days?

Me: Uh...if I knew that, I wouldn't be working here!

Lady: (laughs) That was a good question, wasn't it!  

Me: Sure was!

Lady: You should change that sign to say "Some Information, Not All".

Me: You're absolutely right.