Saturday, April 13, 2013

First couple of hours of the day -- refgrunt

Where is Study Room B?  Wait, I need to go to Room R first.
IRS extension form
Where are the movies?
Trouble with the print release terminal
Can I borrow this pen?
Do you have Consumer Reports?
Cancelled hold for MI-5 DVD -- please re-request it.
I only have a $20 and I want to make one copy.
The printer is out of paper.
Please cancel my hold on the James Patterson book... I'm going on vacation.
A man drops off 7 huge bags of old & dusty donations.
How much is a replacement card?
The copy machine is not accepting dollar bills.
Can I have a day pass to the computer?
Do you have books on Saige the American Girl?
Can you come over here and fix the printer?
Spell Mediterranean.
Hawaiian music CDs.
Can you send my resume to the printer?
A wallet was found in the book drop -- no cash, but the owner of the wallet is in Collection.
Man can't find his hold on the alphabetical hold shelf.  (Oh, let me find it for you)!
Woman can't find her liberry card.
Man yells at me -- the computer says AVAILABLE what does that mean?  Does it mean it will be available tomorrow, does it mean next Tuesday, what does that mean?!
Where is restroom?
Woman gives me her program flyers to post.
DRG (Disgruntled Retired Guy):  "Do I have the right to tell that woman to SHUT UP?"
Study room sign up.
Do you have a plastic bag?
Print some tax forms please.
"I'm turning in this book but the binding needs to be fixed.  Please make sure it gets checked in."
Man can't believe we don't have Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.
Man about 60, obviously not a seasoned traveler -- Hi, I have a flight tomorrow at 7:00am.  I need to check in my rental car and take the shuttle to the airport.  What time should I leave?

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