Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday AM

Clear holds.
Replacement card and reset pin
Where is my group meeting?
Can I get some headphones?
Offline computer
Where can I pay a $1.50 fine
Is there a charge for DVDs?

where can I pay my $20.00 fine
What does "in transit" mean?
Can I have a paper clip?
My dollar bill is stuck in the copy machine
I have a card with the city, does it work here?
How to save my document on a flash drive? (& gives me a high 5).
Book won't check out
Can I bring coffee into the liberry? (Um, you just did).
NCIS, season 10 & 11? Sorry, we only have up to season 9.  Your job is hilarious, it could be an SNL skit!
My mouse is "sticky," can you fix it? 
I don't speak "computer."
To Kill a Mockingbird.  I assumed he meant the book, so after I found it he said "oh, I mean the movie."
Can I use your phone to call a cab?
I give the customer a new card and ask if I can help her find anything.  She said, "no, I'm like a kid at a candy store at the moment."
And finally, the volunteer who has built her kingdom in the juv area argues with my colleagues about how the books are displayed.  (Really, it is the same argument every week).  They tell her that she does not have the authority to change it.  Glad I didn't have to be in on the argument today!

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