Saturday, July 13, 2013

Study Rooms

Every liberry I've worked in has study room issues.  My current branch, W, is no exception.

Almost every week I explain the rule that each group gets just one reservation per week.  The rules are posted on the door.  But most people don't get it.

For example, today I had my weekly argument with the 2 ladies want to use the room more than once a week.  I told them that we have the rule because the rooms get booked quickly and they are very popular.  And, if I were to break the rule for them, how fair would that be for the other customers?

One of the women replied that she would like to "repeal" that rule.  I said let me get my supervisor to explain.  Annabelle told the women exactly what I had said and wouldn't "repeal" the rule.  (Thank you Annabelle for saving the day).  Then the conversation switched gears-- they started to complain about the size of the parking lot!  (And last week the side issue was the air conditioning).  Some people are never happy!


Evan Williamson said...

We once had a lady reserve a study room and then attempt to tape signs for her program all over the walls the library.
"I'm sorry, ma'am, but you can't do that."
"Then how will people know where to go for the meeting?"
"Our staff will tell them."
"I don't trust your staff with my meeting."
Things went downhill from there and she was asked not to return.

Amy said...

What I like most about this is that Annabelle upheld the rule and backed you up. This would not have happened where I work.

Amy said...

Annabelle rocks!