Monday, August 12, 2013

Pleasantly surprised

A man came to the desk with a DVD that he thought he had lost.  He had the receipt to show he had already paid for the lost item.  However, the receipt was older than 90 days.  When my colleague informed him that he will not receive a refund, the customer said ok and handed over the DVD.

No sir, you have paid for it.  It is yours.
That's ok, I want the library to have it.
Thank you so much!  We appreciate it!


Emma said...

That's awesome. Can I ask what DVD is was? I am always interested to see how entertainment tastes match up with library conduct and consideration--in our library the New Yorker is always crumpled and gross, but the readers of People have handled the issues carefully with fellow readers in mind.

Amy said...

Sorry Emma, I don't recall the title of the DVD.