Monday, September 23, 2013

People in the neighborhood

Today I went to the post office near branch X, the one where Marian and I began our careers 10 years ago.  I didn't think I'd recognize anyone since I transferrred more than 2 years ago, but I was wrong.  I immediately recognized this guy my age (who was with his wife and 2 year old daughter & I can't remember the guy's name) and he said HI AMY!  You don't work there anymore, do you?  I said, yeah now I work at the downtown branch (yeah right).  Well, are you married?  I gave him that NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS really look.  Well it is really good to see you!

Background info -- This guy asked me out for coffee more than once while I was working at Branch X.  I'm busy.  No.  My boyfriend wouldn't like that.

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