Thursday, October 31, 2013


A guy comes in, wearing an orange t-shirt and what looks like shorts or something (I am not a very observant person)

Guy: Are you a librarian?

Me: Yes.

Guy: My Halloween costume is crossdressing.  Is that okay?

Me: Sure.

I look at him more carefully and realize he is actually wearing a very short denim miniskirt. He is holding onto the hem of the skirt in front and back as if he's afraid it will ride up.

Guy: Don't worry, I won't expose myself.  I'm very careful.

Me: Okay.

Guy: Do you know of any costume contests I could enter and win?


Red Nomad OZ said...

Who says being a librarian is all about books?!?! This is HILARIOUS!!!

Marian The said...

The books are the least of it!

Alex Daw said...

Yep...I hear you. Reminds me of when I worked in Publicity for the were meant to know everything -just because you worked for a broadcaster. The human encyclopaedia.

Marshall Stacks said...

Hi Red OZ and hi Alex (above) - I love this blog (and the liberry, any liberry) but the 504 Followers don't comment much, and I know why. Every one of the 12 posts I have just read on my way down to this one, just leave us all speechless.
I wonder how some of the Borrowers interpret the books they do manage to borrow.

Marian The said...

Hi Marshall! Glad you're enjoying it.

I think most people aren't stupid, they just have a different perspective on things. :-)

KirkK said...

I'm dying to know....were you able to give him some suggestions as to contests! ;o)