Thursday, October 10, 2013


Man about 50 -- Hi, I'm about to make my virgin voyage on the Internet at your library.  Can you tell me step by step what to do?

So I walk him over to an available pc and show him how to logon.  A few minutes later he comes to the desk--

It goes to the library page every time I press the blue Internet Explorer.  How do I get to Google so I can do stuff?


Lisa said...

Every. Day. Someone looks at our library homepage and says "where's the internet?"

Books'n'Birds said...

Yup. Sadly.

Ann ODyne said...

every day? every day a person who has never purchased a book online, or transferred money from their bank to their utility account? or looked up the liberry catalogue? After 20 years? Poor things.
My first internet experience was 20 years ago and not so bright - when Socks The Cat miaowed on The White House site. bwah ha.