Monday, December 02, 2013

25 years

Woman:  Hi, I checked out a cookbook on French cooking and I returned it.  I was wondering if it would still be here.

Me:  Do you know the title or the author?

W:  No.  It was 25 years ago.  I just thought it might be on the shelf.

I give her the call number for French cooking and tell her that if we have it, it would be on that shelf.

W:  I'm confused.  Do you have it or not?

Me:  I can't tell you without a title or author.  The books on French cooking are in that area over there. It's unlikely that it would still be in circulation after 25 years though- books are lost, stolen, never returned, damaged, etc.

W:  I'll come back when I have more time to brainstorm.

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kellyu said...

Bet you $5 it was Julia Childs.