Friday, July 25, 2014

Not a Service We Provide

Caller-- Hi, we're trying to locate a pair of twins in my wife's family.  Their names are Jenny and Penny, but we don't know their last name.

Me-- That's too broad of a question.  I can't answer that.

Caller-- Well I know they frequent your liberry.  Could you tell us their last name?

Me-- That is against customer confidentiality.  I can't give you that information even if I knew who you are talking about.

Caller-- I don't understand.  Why can't you do that?

Me-- Sir, there are privacy laws which prohibit me to break the customer confidentiality policy.

The line goes dead.  Five minutes later I answer the phone and talk to the man's wife.  She wants to give me her contact information for me to share with Jenny and Penny.  I explain the whole privacy issue with her and she still does not want to take "not a service we provide" as an answer.  She tells me that she lives way far away (30 miles) and will I please help her out.  Again I reply that mediation is NASWP!

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