Friday, August 29, 2014

Stop hitting on me

As I'm shelving some NF I notice this creepy guy wearing sunglasses kind of following me around.  He walks right up to me and asks me if I'm going to the art fair.  No, I say, and walk away.

Later he comes to the desk and asks to change his PIN.  I ask him what four numbers he wants it to be.  He says Amy, I love that name.  I want my PIN to be a-m-y.  So I reply what four numbers do you want your PIN to be?

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Unknown said...

Some creepy guy has been calling all of the branches in our large urban district asking which Erotica novel he should read to his wife on their anniversary. He then prods relentlessly for the staff member to discuss her favorite Erotica novel. "But what turns you on?" So much more fun on speakerphone.