Friday, March 20, 2015

The Cataloger

Woman about 65 asks me where the DVD holds are.  I say, they are right behind you on those shelves under your last name.  She says, no, I have a DVD on hold, where can I find that?  I tell her the same thing.

She finds the DVD and storms back to the desk.  It was a set of discs of a tv show I don't remember.  She was upset/concerned/frustrated that the discs didn't contain the whole season.  So she asks -- are YOU a reference librarian?  I say yes, and she replies she used to be a cataloguer.  She asks to see the MARC record, probably just to show off that she knows the term.

She looks at the record and complains that it is incomplete.  At this point, it is 4:00 PM, the time I leave on Fridays.  My colleague took over and helped the cataloger I assume.

Bye liberry!  Happy weekend!

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