Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good Times

So today I worked at Branch X, the place where my career began in 2003.  I'd been away for four years, and while some things have changed, most had not.

The same customers.  A couple of them recognized me, but most didn't.  I have one vignette to share-

One old lady (who I absolutely remember, how could I ever forget?) came to the desk asking about a knitting pattern.  Well, it wasn't as straightforward as that.  My colleague Brian initially tried to help her while I was helping someone else with the microfilm machine.  Five minutes later (yes, he was still "helping" her) he asked me if I know anything about knitting.  I said not really, but let me see what I can do.  

Woman-- I'm knitting men's slippers.  After I cast on 38,  then what?  Do I purl and knit, or purl 2 or something?

Me-- Do you have the pattern with you?

Woman-- No, that's what I need.

Me-- Did you have a pattern to begin with?  How did you know to start with 38? 

Woman-- The girl who, I can't remember her name, was it Angela?  Or maybe Elizabeth?  She told me 38.

Me-- Can you ask her what to do next?

Woman-- She said she doesn't know.

Brian-- Well we can print you out a different pattern for men's slippers.  It won't be the same one.  Or you can use our Internet computers and search for yourself like we are doing here.

-- Then he walked her over to the computers but she said she doesn't have a library card and doesn't know how to work a computer.  Five minutes later I looked over at the circ desk only to see the woman talking to my colleage Rose.

Endless good times at Branch X!

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Mokihana said...

Aha! Elizabeth Zimmerman, I bet.

Yes, I'm a knitter, too. But I usually have my patterns with me when I'm knitting.