Friday, August 28, 2015

I can only talk to Matt

Background -- Yesterday a customer came in and my colleague, Matt, helped him with his Overdrive account.

Today -- At 10 AM the customer calls and asks is Matt is working.  Yes.  So he tells me that he will be right over with his Overdrive problem.

At 1 PM the customer comes in and asks for Matt.  I say he isn't available, he is on his lunch.  I check with Matt and he says he'll be there to help in 5 minutes.

Apparently 5 mins was way too long for the customer to wait.  He said, "I need to talk to Matt, he is the only one here who understands my question.  I can't wait 5 minutes."  So I ask if I can help.  He says, well I doubt it.  Simultaneously a man walked over to the desk and offered to help (because the customer was so loud).  In the end, I was able to answer the Overdrive question without anyone's help!

You're welcome!

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