Thursday, October 01, 2015

2 eventful hours

As I was taking my last break around 6:00 PM, I thought to myself that I made it through the day without any security incidents.  Only 2 hours to go until vacation!  I thought wrong.

I returned from my break and found the branch manager on the phone with the sheriff.

Background-- a couple weeks ago the new volunteer for the English conversation club, Sam, turned away 9 people from the program.  He only wanted to work with fluent English speakers.  Too bad, because liberry programs are for everyone.  We asked him not to return and then found another volunteer.

Tonight Sam returned and began turning people away again.  The branch manager asked him to leave.  When he refused, she called the sheriff and had him escorted out.

So 7:00 PM rolls around, and I think just one more easy hour till vacation!  Wrong again.  This time a homeless woman screeched and stared at this elderly man.  It didn't bother him because he was dosing.  Then she told the woman on the computer next to her -- I know you killed my brother in Texas multiple times.  She got up and asked me for a new liberry card.  I said sure, please give me your ID.  She refused and just gave me a vicious stare.  I said nothing.  The branch manager intervened and asked her to leave because of her aggressive behavior.

And now I am on vacation!


looloolooweez said...

That volunteer's behavior is so strange. But hooray, vacation time! I hope you get a change to really relax and have fun. :)

Emma said...

Wow, you really earned that vacation! I've seen my fair share of patron nuttiness, but never anything like that from a volunteer!

iamironman said...

Dosing? On what medication?