Monday, April 04, 2016


Man walks over to the desk and says there is cash in the copy machine.  I walked over to find $500 in cash along with an endorsed $1000 check and a deposit slip.  I tried to call the customer, let me call her Agnes McLafferty.  She didn't have voice mail, so I let my colleague Sunshine try to call her a little later.

The phone conversation between Sunshine and Mrs. McLafferty went like this--

Hello Mrs. McLafferty?  This is Sunshine from the library.
We found something that you are probably looking for.
Yes, a deposit slip.
That's funny.
And something with the deposit slip.

The conversation continued.  At the end Mrs. McLafferty said she was "disturbed" but will be at the library when we open tomorrow at 9am.  (Sunshine reminded her that we open at 9:30).

Poor Agnes!

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Alex Daw said...

We have found birthday money used as bookmarks....all good you remember/have any idea how much your 10 year old son got for his birthday....those sort of conversations......