Sunday, December 11, 2016

Moments like this...

Moments like this make me so glad I went to all the work of earning my MA in Info Resources & Lib Science:

 Phone rings and my tech colleague answers the phone.
 Caller: I'd like to speak to the reference librarian.

Transfers the call to me...

Hello, this is Amy at the info desk, how can I help you?
Caller:  are you a reference librarian?
I need you to google something for me.  What is the phone number of the North Mountain Mall?


Yeah, he definitely needed my expertise and that is something that my colleague could not have done.


ccr in MA said...

I ... you ... what? What is with people?

Emma said...

I think we professionals are better trained to cope with him when he finds out there isn't just one "number" and he actually needs to know which store he wants to talk to.

And by 'trained,' I mean experienced, since no one teaches you any of this in library school.